Amir and rahim khan

Plot[ edit ] Setting: When they arrive home, Amir finds waiting for him packages of his new novel, A Season for Ashes, which has just been published.

Amir and rahim khan

Amir tells Soraya he has to go. Rahim Khan, the first grownup Amir ever thought of as a friend, is very ill. Amir takes a walk to Golden Gate Park, and as he sits watching a man play catch with his son and looking at the kites flying, he thinks of something Rahim Khan said to him on the phone.

He told Amir there is a way for him to be good again. That night, while Amir and Soraya are in bed, Amir thinks of their relationship. They still make love, but both of them feel a kind of futility in the act.

They used to lie together and talk about having a child, but now their conversations are about work or other things. Amir drifts off to sleep and dreams of Hassan running through the snow.

A week later, Amir leaves for Pakistan. Chapter 15 Amir lands in Peshawar, where Rahim Khan is. The driver of the cab he takes talks incessantly, telling Amir that what has happened to Afghanistan is awful.

Amir remembers the last time he saw Rahim Khan, twenty years earlier in It was the night he and Baba left Kabul. They had gone to see Rahim Khan, and Baba had cried. He looks thin and sickly.

Inside they have tea and talk. Rahim Khan says he never doubted Amir would become a writer. The conversation turns to what Afghanistan has become since the Taliban took over.

Rahim Khan tells Amir the story of how he got the scar over his eye. A man next to him at a soccer game cheered loudly. The guard on patrol heard the noise, walked over, and smashed Rahim Khan with the butt of his rifle.

He took care of the place, as Baba expected to eventually return. Meanwhile, Kabul became dangerous as the fighting between Afghan factions vying for control of the city grew worse. Rockets fell randomly, destroying homes and killing civilians. Rahim Khan says he cheered at first when the Taliban took over and ended the fighting.

Rahim Khan replies that he is dying and does not expect to live through the summer. He asked Amir there because he wanted to see him, but also because he wanted something else. Hassan was with him. Before he asks Amir for the favor, he must tell him about Hassan.Apr 01,  · Baba speaks to Rahim Khan, his best friend and business partner, about his confusion with Amir, and doesn’t understand why his son’s interests aren’t similar to his own.

“He’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some dream I wasn’t like that.’Reviews: 4. Rahim Khan- He is fairly flat character in The Kite Runner so far. He is Amir's father's best friend and business partner.

Amir and rahim khan

He could possibly be the foil character to Amir's father, Baba, due to the fact that they are such different characters . Rahim Khan is Baba's best friend and business partner.

Kite Runner Study Guide / Rahim Khan

He's also the father-figure to Amir. Rahim Khan encourages Amir's writing, takes care of Baba's house, brings Hassan back to Kabul, and brings Amir back to Afghanistan. Come to think of it, Rahim Khan is literally the moral center or voice of reason in The Kite Runner.

He calls Amir in California and flat-out says: " There is a way to be good again " (). He also functions as a second parent for Amir. Amir has a close relationship with his father's best friend and business partner, Rahim Khan.

The novel opens with Amir receiving a call from Rahim, who is asking him to come to Pakistan, as he is. Rahim Khan has just asked Amir to rescue Sohrab from Kabul.

Amir is initially resistant, so Rahim Khan tries three times to convince Amir to undertake the task.

Amir and rahim khan

(The task is obviously a redemptive quest because there's no reason Amir has to rescue Sohrab.

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