Bbc business report video piracy

Some of you may remember the days of bootleg cassettes, the rise of file sharing websites and even console game piracy on some systems. One thing has remained clear since then, piracy has always been around and will always be around and whilst some may condemn those that pirate games illegally there are always others who will downplay the act of piracy and the impact it has on the industry.

Bbc business report video piracy

It was his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa and he was excited, he said. Some 53 million mobile internet users are forecast to come online in Nigeria over the next seven years: When Zuckerberg touched down in Lagos, there were 16 million monthly Facebook users in Nigeria. Today, just two years later, there are 24 million.

But more users means more content, and a lot of that content, according to the police in Plateau State, is false, misleading, and dangerous. Facebook is aware of the problem, and claims to be addressing it.

The programme is part of a worldwide approach that Facebook has already rolled out in 17 other countries. The system includes posts that have been flagged as false or misleading by other Facebook users. And when we got into the detail the picture looked rather different.

Tackling piracy in South East Asia - BBC News

But in Nigeria, where reliable public data is hard to find, the process is often slower. The BBC analysed more than 50 recent posts written in Hausa that contain hate speech or false information — and some of them are horrifying.

One post, for example, contains a photo of a person slumped on the ground, their skin burnt and peeling. The Hausa text reads: She was reportedly burned alive and later died of her wounds.

What they saw was a story about a Christian — an ethnically Igbo Christian — displaying contempt for Islam, the predominant faith of Hausa-speaking Nigerians.

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It is the kind of story that, in a region already torn by ethnic and religious violence, can have dangerous consequences. But misinformation and graphic imagery continue to circulate on the platform.

Facebook immediately removed the post, saying that it violated its policy on violence and graphic content. But a quick search of Facebook the following day revealed the same distressing film in other posts, still circulating and still accompanied by the false claim that it showed a massacre in Nigeria.

Since it was first uploaded to Facebook inthe video has been used to whip up fear all over the continent. One user claimed it showed an attack in Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. Another said it showed a Boko Haram atrocity in northern Cameroon.

Where will this video appear next?

bbc business report video piracy

And to what ends will it be deployed? Plateau is where the Gashish massacres happened back in June, and where Ali lost his life in the reprisal attacks that followed.Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report The table below gives a narrative of the most recent attacks.

Click the magnifying glass button to view a map of the attack location and to get further details. World Business Report BBC World News - UOcXh_ecTOA: youtube for mp4 download, save & keep youtube, vimeo, and other online videos urls.

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A significant study by a group of universities has downplayed the significance of video games has word of a joint study between the Department of.

According to TVB, the impact of piracy on its business caused a revenue loss of around AU$35 million between and , and reduced its employee headcount in Australia by 35 positions. All the latest news about Online piracy from the BBC.

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