Essay on youth unemployment in bhutan

Dorji Penjor Youth are the builders of tomorrow. The more care and attention the government bestows on them, the rich and prosperous the nation would be. For a healthier economy, fairer society and stronger democracy youth must be the top priority.

Essay on youth unemployment in bhutan

Tuesday, May 24, Unemployment in Bhutan N. The development progress in any country depends on the productive output from its population and its ability to provide gainful employment to a large segment of youth. Today, unemployment is seen as a rising concern all over the world especially in the south Asian countries.

Like in all other countries, the development progress in Bhutan was followed with the unemployment problems arising among the youths, aged under 20 years.

Though, Bhutan has a lower rate of unemployment among these countries, yet the number is very alarming taking into consideration its population size. The employment scenario in Bhutan has undergone major changes particularly over the last decade.

This is seen as an outcome of considerably faster growth rates in the secondary and tertiary sectors compared to the primary sectors.

According to the Bhutan living standard survey Report,the unemployment rate has increased to 3. In Lhuentse, Tashiyangtse and Thimphuunemployment rates are found to be the highest. The high unemployment rate in Lhuentse and Trashiyangtse is because the job seekers increasingly outnumber the job opportunities available since these dzongkhags are the rural parts.

Thus the few available co operations remain helplessly short of space to accommodate the needy. Though the government is now emphasizing on rural development. Similarly, the unemployment rate in Thimphu is very high.

This maybe because, Thimphu being much urbanized as compared to other dzongkhags attracts most of the Bhutanese jobseekers. But here, the people either do not want to do the jobs available or they are not qualified for the same.

These mismatches between the jobs and the jobseekers leave the post empty and people idle. Usually the unsuccessful candidates do not return to their villages but remain back in Thimphu thereby increasing the unemployment rate in Thimphu.

The incidence of unemployment is highest among the youth agedmost being early school dropouts. The scenario of the unemployment situation we see is just a tip of the ice berg. And we know that this trend will only mount. The semi literate job seeking population will be far larger.

It appears that the training institutes will continue to be a weak link between the swelling student population and a hungry job market. The Frey the problems of unemployment, a distant and vague concern in the past, suddenly appear to be at our doorstep.

At the same time, we suffer an acute shortage of manpower in nearly every sector, both government and private.According to the UNDP, Bhutan’s youth unemployment rate of % is one of the highest in the region.

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July 12, at PM Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Problem Facing on Youth Employment in Bhutan. Unemployment is a serious issue in Bhutan.

Though the overall unemployment rate is at a datum low of percent, the percentage of youth languishing without work has remained at percent for the last two years. The Labour Force Survey of conducted by the labour ministry shows that the youth unemployment continues to be a pressing issue.

Essay on youth unemployment in bhutan

May 24,  · According to the Bhutan living standard survey Report, (), the unemployment rate has increased to % in from % in and % in (p. 40). In Lhuentse, Tashiyangtse and Thimphu, unemployment rates are found to be the highest.

Page |2 THE YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT ISSUE IN BHUTAN employed with risks.5 at the end of eleventh five year plan. Thus. The government should provide plate forms to the youths where they can have access to learning of a highly informative.

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