Hobsons choice how did hobson lose control essay

Willie however has other ideas. He does not want to marry Maggie; he disagrees with her and thinks that they would not be happy, as he does not love her. Maggie is very strong willed about her idea and no matter what excuse Willie comes up with; Maggie is set on marrying him and leaving her fathers shop. Willie is a caring man who is willing to protect Ada, a woman with whom he will have no real future other than what he does now.

Hobsons choice how did hobson lose control essay

Hire Writer Ada arrives at the shop and Maggie immediately confronts her.

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I want a word with you. She stands over her and demands to know what is happening between Willie and her.

Hobsons choice how did hobson lose control essay

Ada is not very intelligent and she does not realise what Maggie is trying to make clear. You hold you hush. Maggie has full control over who speaks, what is said in the discussion, and as she disallows Willie to speak, and Willie obeys her.

Afterwards Willie only speaks when he is spoken to and throughout the discussion Maggie is in control of who speaks and what is said. Ada chooses to let Willie make up his own judgement to which Maggie tells Willie he is to wed her and not Ada.

Ada can only weakly complain, while Maggie continues to ignore all other opinions. Will Mossop, you take orders from me in this shop. Maggie knows that Willie does not want to marry her and the way that Maggie forces him into marrying her, lets the audience see that Willie is not a strong willed man, he is submissive towards Maggie and expects Ada to argue on his behalf.

When Maggie informs her father of her marriage decision and Hobson is furious. Maggie demands that she is paid a wage and that Willie is employed at the same wage. Maggie and Willie want to be treated as if they are no relation to Hobson, just employees.

It makes them equal as a couple and neither will be superior or inferior as far as class is concerned.

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Her cheek to him angers Hobson and he calls for Willie to come up from the cellar, unbuckling his belt. Willie comes up out of the trap as Hobson conceals the strap whilst he talks to Willie.

Hobson promises Willie that he will beat him upon entering work every morning until he does not love Maggie.

The audience sees Willie answering Hobson honestly and with respect until Hobson strikes Willie. He is standing up to Hobson and not waiting for Maggie to tell him what to do.

Hobsons choice how did hobson lose control essay

Even though Hobson attacks him verbally and physically, Willie does not lose his nerve. Brighouse has shown that Willie has already begun to change with the support of Maggie. With Maggie backing him, he feels more courageous and he stands up for himself instead of letting Hobson be the master.

Maggie plans to help her sisters also get married and Vickey comments on how Maggie has made it more difficult for herself and Alice to find a suitable husband. You call her Vickey, Will. Brighouse brings up this point to show that marrying Maggie has changed him because of her influence onto him and also because he is now part of a family, and he is beginning to be accepted in this family.

Although he still obeys Maggie, he has begun to speak at times other than when he is requested to speak. Willie is a modest and considerate man.

She then tells her sisters in a commanding way to kiss Willie, beginning with Vickey who takes a bit of convincing. You can both of you kiss him for your brother-in-law to be. Brighouse has written the play with Maggie showing her sisters the card, mainly to let the audience see how proud she is of the new business beginning to take shape.

Maggie is probably proud because she has done all the work to set the business up. She will have scheduled to have the business cards made and she arranged the loan from Mrs Hepworth. At the first idea of kissing Alice and Vickey Willie is not too keen.

He makes an excuse by saying that cannot kiss very well, and Maggie dryly agrees with him. Although Willie is beginning to change, he still obeys Maggie, and as Vickey stated, Maggie always gets her way when she tells someone to do something.

Maggie is a very strong person and some of this strength is beginning to wear off onto Willie, his confidence is growing and his personality is starting to become apparent, but Maggie still has the power to control his actions.

Willie weakly protests, as he did when Maggie proposed, in a pleading way, as if hoping Maggie will just tire of the idea. After the girls kiss Willie his opinion changes from earlier and he enjoys be kissed by the two girls. He was nervous before but after kissing both, he realises that he likes it.

Maggie is showing him what the world outside of the boot shop is like and trying to introduce him to middle class.Essay about Maggie Hobson and Will in Tim Sheader's Hobson's Choice Words | 5 Pages Maggie and Will in Hobson's Choice Maggie and Will are two of the main characters in "Hobson's Choice".

The class divisions of the s are clear to see in the little scene when Alice, Vickey and Hobson find out Maggie intends to marry Willie.

Alice says, ‘what you do touches us’ and this is true, as Maggie’s marriage to a man from a lower social class would be seen by many as a disgrace. Hobson’s Choice - Sample Essay This was at a time when the suffragettes were promoting women.

Maggie’s superiority over Willie would have been overwhelming for the young women of society. “Hobson’s Choice” was a saying used in the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds and to have Hobson’s choice was to have no choice at all.

Brighouse saw this as a title with scope for a play and wrote the script to fit the title. In Hobson’s Choice - Sample Essay.

Willie does not lose his nerve. Hobson’s anger and threats fuel Willie’s courage. Brighouse has shown that Willie has already begun to change with the support of Maggie. Maggie is in control of the situation at all times. Brighouse has left some of Willie’s stark characteristics that would be. In conclusion, the main cause for Hobson’s loss of control was That Hobson underestimated his Daughters, Particularly Maggie.

Throughout the play Brighouse uses Hobson a representation of a middle class and proud stereotype.

Hobson's Choice - Sample Essay