How to write a book report on a autobiography

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How to write a book report on a autobiography

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Creating an article about yourself WP: YOURSELF Upon some of Cato 's friends expressing their surprise, that while many persons without merit or reputation had statues, he had none, he answered, "I had much rather it should be asked why the people have not erected a statue to Cato, than why they have.

Creating an article about yourself is strongly discouraged. We want biographies here, not autobiographies. Independent creation encourages independent validation of both significance and verifiability. All edits to articles must conform to Wikipedia: No original researchWikipedia: Neutral point of viewand Wikipedia: Even if you did manage to pull off an autobiography conforming to our content policies, it still may not get checked simply because you made it.

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Note that anything you submit will be edited mercilessly by others. Many autobiographical articles have been a source of dismay to their original authors after a period of editing by the community, and in several instances have been listed for deletion by their original authors.

In some cases the article is kept even if the original author requests otherwise. If you create an autobiography, you must have no promotional intent and must be willing to accept it being neutralized if it is not neutral, or even deleted if it comes to that. If you do turn out to be notable, you must expect the article to stay—you cannot just get it deleted because you are not happy with it.

Our neutral point of view policy is absolute and non-negotiable, and all encyclopedic topics are fair game for Wikipedia. One thing you can do to assist other Wikipedia editors: As long as it's not involving puffy claims like "I helped invent this widget," or "My book was a bestseller," a personal website can be used as a reference for basic biographical information.Response Projects and Requirements 1.

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin. Home / Literature / The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin / he leaves religion out of his virtue list and says he'll get to it later in a book called The Art of Virtue, which he never writes.

He ends this section by saying pride is the hardest virtue to overcome, and he's still. 2. What are the relationships like between characters in the story/book: _____ _____ 3.

how to write a book report on a autobiography

Apr 24,  · I have no idea what to write! I keep on writing half the page, but it's all crap. I actually think I am incapable of writing about myself. It's due in the morning, I have like an hour max to write it.:(The teacher said NOT to just show more I have to write one for my future planning class, it's for colleges.

I have no idea what to write!Status: Resolved.

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