Perfume target segmentation

Millennials, Generation X and baby boomers, for instance, or fans of thrillers, paranormal romance and horror. Then you target the different segments with different ad campaigns.

Perfume target segmentation

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Geographic segmentation is also used; however Perfume target segmentation is not as useful as the other types at determining the segmentation of the perfume industry. Geographic segmentation can be used to estimate what parts of theUKor which countries are willing to pay higher prices for perfume.

This would in turn affect what perfumes are advertised in different areas. This may also be relevant with celebrity perfumes for example; if a particular celebrity was more popular within a certain part of the UK or the world the perfume would sell better there. Yves Saint Laurent, Sheer Magnetism, shows an older man and it is a very sophisticated advert, suggesting an age range of 30 years and older.

Most celebrity perfumes are also aimed at their gender, for example Christina Aguilera is aimed at women. Psychographic segmentation is most relevant to the fragrance industry because it segments groups according to lifestyle and personality; each perfume has its own characteristics.

Certain brands may be linked to particular lifestyles; Chanel No5 could be linked to a sophisticated or classy lifestyle in reflection of the advert. Lastly behavioural segmentation, this is most relevant to purchase occasion within the perfume industry.

This report has been constructed from October to November and the number of perfume advertisements is constantly increasing because of the approach to Christmas.

Perfume is a key gift idea and therefore there is an increase in advertising. Targeting is also used; the perfume market illustrates a differentiated focus market there are several targets in the market, for example different ages and personalities as well as gender, however one perfume will not suit every person so there is a focus within the market.

Segmentation aims to highlight different areas in the market for targeting. Positioning is another key element within marketing strategies there are many elements of positioning; however the following are the main techniques used within the perfume market.

Product user is one type of positioning strategy it can help to identify a user or user type with a particular brand. This is widely used with celebrity endorsements; Chanel No5 currently uses Nicole Kidman and has also used Marilyn Monroe, this suggests the types of characters that could be related to Chanel No5 are feminine and elegant.

On the other hand, if the celebrity is a wrong choice or does something controversial whilst promoting the advert this could have a very negative effect. Another positioning strategy is product class; this involves one perfume positioning themselves with a product class.

Another example is Jean Paul Gaultier although this is a newer fragrance they have adopted the same strategy; they use the figure of a woman and a man to represent female and male fragrances respectively.

The one thing that changes is the clothes on the figures to represent different fragrances.Mar 31,  · Fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, in Calvin Klein Figuring out the target audience for Calvin Klein’s “My Calvins” campaign isn’t rocket science to figure out.

It’s actually pretty obvious, considering the celebrities, bloggers, and influencers they reached out to in order to share their product or be in their latest campaigns.

The efforts of global companies to reach low-income consumers in emerging markets highlight the importance of skillful global market segmentation and targeting. Market Segmentation Examples. Here is a quick overview of some examples of how to segment a market. Please note that this website contains quite a number of market segmentation examples ().

Define the three steps of target marketing: market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning. If married woman and single woman respond similarly to a sale on perfume, they do not constitute separate segments.

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Perfume target segmentation

Market segmentation is the activity of dividing a broad consumer or business market, normally consisting of existing and potential customers, into sub-groups of consumers (known as segments) based on some type of shared characteristics.

Marketing Plan For Fragrance Direct Marketing Essay.

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Print Reference this. Disclaimer: On the other hand older segment is increasing so Fragrance Direct should target this segment with widen products base. Market segmentation is important for any company like Fragment Direct as it helps to target its marketing mix more closely and precisely.

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