Short essay on value of reading books

Books are also read to acquire immense pleasure from the act of reading itself. Books can be our most cherished possessions and our trust- worthy companions provided, we choose the right kind of books for our reading.

Short essay on value of reading books

We know that, books has great importance for humans. We cannot ignore the importance of reading. Behind developing countries importance of reading has great part. A room without books,is like a body without soul.

A truly scholar man will feel like a fish out of water, when he is not in library. He is not friendless man because books are best friends. A good book is a good friend in solitude as well as in gathering.

Libraries are centers of learning.

Short essay on value of reading books

The habit of reading makes people able to get pleasure. Look at the West, their libraries are their power centers, where people are empowered with intellect and knowledge.

Short essay on value of reading books

But, some people are devoid habit of reading. That is why, students confine themselves only to textual books with selective studies. Libraries present a scene of wilderness. Books in libraries seem to be prisoners imprisoned in glass-cases.

By reading and developing the habit of study, We can be benefited in so many ways. In libraries, we can read books of our choice or taste. By book reading, we can entertained.

We can pleasure along with intellect and wisdom. Some people like to read stories and fictions while some like to read poetry. Some people like to read religious stuff. In short, everyone has his own taste. Books in libraries will quench the thirst of knowledge of the people if they are interested in them.

Some young people read cheap kind of literature, Which develop immoral and vulgar behavior in them. Aged and old people like to read serious kind of literature for their pleasure.

All these people are equally served by libraries. Islam also make us inclined toward getting knowledge by all means. Books area major source of getting knowledge.

By summing up, In any era, we cannot ignore the importance of reading. We can say that libraries, books and the habit of study are sources of pleasure.

Students should read books as a hobby. This hobby will give them pleasure.Books are read for various reasons – to pass one’s lei­sure time, to acquire knowledge, to extract information.

Books are also read to acquire immense pleasure from the act of reading itself. The value of reading is understood only when books are read to be enjoyed, enlightened and re­freshed. Value Of Books: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Note Essay on Books.

Books play a significant role in our existence. Books are our friends in true sense. “No complaints, No Demands” as it is known by also give us ample of delight and a reader might get addicted to them. Reading books help you imagine many things which you wouldn’t have even thought of before.

Creativity is something which I feel increases in me every time I read a new book. When you read something your mind starts creating a scenery of it in front of your eyes.

When you keep on reading new books with new information, you start learning and experiencing new things. “Whenever you feel angry, confused, nervous, and negative and stress, just open and read any practical books, such as poetry, essays, motivational, investment, business books.

You will find and got relief and become positive, focused, energetic and creative. Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books Home / English Notes / Prose / Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books Read this article to know about the value and importance of reading books.

Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On November 7, By Pawan Srivastav. Introduction. The importance and advantages of reading books are many. In this article we will study the importance of reading classic books, modern books, and vocation books.

Advantages of Reading Books ; Short.

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