The hunger games and the most dangerous game

Critical reception[ edit ] The Hunger Games received mostly positive reviews from critics.

The hunger games and the most dangerous game

For example, suppose the organizers of the games are located here, but the games themselves are held outside of U. For that matter, as I understand it the modern civil law system used in many other parts of the world is descended from the Roman system, and the Romans obviously permitted deadly competitions of martial skill for the entertainment of others.

Finally, suppose a state really, REALLY wanted to host such games probably Nevada… they were OK with gambling when most states were not, they are OK with prostitution in some counties when the other states are not… would a real-life Hunger Games style event draw sufficient tourist dollars to make it worthwhile to the state to write enough statutory exceptions into the state code to host the games?

If so, would there be any recourse in the federal law? Gyre March 17, at 4: As for jurisdiction, if you plan to kill people in the U.

S and abduct people in the U. As for states states as in the separate parts of the United States I assume you mean a much toned down version of the games that is effectively Mixed Martial Arts. If you mean actual death matches, any changes to state law to make that legal would mean an army of federal agents descending on the state and deciding whether they were going to get the people involved sentenced to just one century or four.

James Pollock March 17, at 4: Every state regulates boxing, wrestling, and other combat sports differently… some with more regulations to protect the health and safety of the participants, some less. If a state chose to legalize mutual combat with a substantial possibility of death and disability rather than the allegedly limited chances of, say, Boxing, MMA, football, or even competitive cheerleading, all of which have produced death and disability in participants, or auto racing, which has produced death and disability in spectators as well what would stop them?

I imagine that the Congress could produce regulation under the commerce clause, but is there anything NOW that would prevent a state from legalizing a souped up MMA that included weapons? Assuming, of course, that participants are participating of their own free will… kidnapping gets the FBI involved already.

March 17, at 4: Apparently there are largely unenforced federal boxing lawsso there may be some obscure preexisting law that the federal government could apply to something like the Games. For example, suppose Nevada legalizes a deadly-force version of the Games.

The hunger games and the most dangerous game

Now suppose a competitor from, say, California decides to enter the Games. Arguably, he has committed attempted murder in California at that point: He could thus be charged with attempted murder in California.

And if he actually participated in the Games and won then he could be charged with actual murder upon his return. James Pollock March 17, at 7: Perhaps he intends as a strategy to evade the competition and allow them to eliminate the opposition, then step in and use nonlethal force against the survivors to force them to submit.

The Roman gladiatorial games did not. Thus, it should be VERY difficult to prove intent to kill anyone was present before the games actually begin.

Consider… many players of the Survivor game show have said that they did not intend to lie or deceive when the show began… but the closer they get to winning, the higher the temptation.

If your reasoning is sound, it would be illegal for me to leave my home state to enter another for the purposes of hunting an animal that is protected in my home state… or for MMA competitors to leave their home states which forbid or limit MMA matches to engage in competitions which are less regulated.

The difference in each case is that the offense is more trivial, and therefore less likely to appeal to the prosecutors who have enough work to do already. March 17, at 7: Generally speaking it does. Occasionally there are exceptions e. If your reasoning is sound, it would be illegal for me to leave my home state to enter another for the purposes of hunting an animal that is protected in my home state No, because the statutes protecting animals are generally explicitly limited to the state in question.

TimothyAWiseman March 22, at For one, something like intent to maim or do serious bodily harm will suffice quite nicely for murder if it results in death.

Of course, your specific intent may affect the type of murder you are charged with, but it remains murder. CatCube March 17, at 7: Since things like pedophilia are illegal in the US and those laws are enforcedsome people will go to contries where it is either legal, or the authorities look the other way.

As far as a US state allowing this: Now, if you were kidnapping the competitors, I think existing law on kidnapping and violating civil rights would do the heavy lifting. James Pollock March 18, at 2: March 17, at But let us suppose some country decides to be the Las Vegas of morally questionable sports.The Hunger Games quiz that tests what you know.

Perfect prep for The Hunger Games quizzes and tests you might have in school. Show the Capitol he’s not just a piece in their game; What item does Katniss manage to grab at the Cornucopia when the Games begin? What event does Katniss refer to when she says the most dangerous part of. The Hunger Games And The Most Dangerous Game.

Most Dangerous Game Journal The most dangerous game was a very entertaining short story with many twists and turns and you never really know what was going to happen at any point.

This story shows greatly that you never really know what people are going to be like. The Most Dangerous game is a story about think fast on your feat, and . stay alive in this most dangerous game The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen lives in a world called "Panem," formerly North America.

Panem is punished yearly for an uprising many years ago. The " Hunger Games" & "The Most Dangerous Game" Similarities One survivor in both games Both games took place in a remote area.

Both characters were hunters. Mar 16,  · Most entrants to the Hunger Games are selected randomly, but it is possible to volunteer. That’s how the protagonist enters the Games, for example. The Games themselves take place in a large uninhabited area in which the competitors (called tributes) are given weapons and supplies and expected to kill each other.

In both stories "The Hunger Games" and " The Most Dangerous Game" the authors use hyperbole, but very nationwidesecretarial.come Collins (The author of The Hunger Games) uses hyperbole in a more serious/mysterious way.

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