The various reasons why the use of renewable energy can benefit our society

But there are other reasons nuclear power is in trouble as well. Far more plants are in danger of closing than are being built 37 or more may close. This is a liquid transportation fuels crisis.

The various reasons why the use of renewable energy can benefit our society

Shop What is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy describes a collection of energy technologies i. Most countries across the world heavily depend on fossil fuels oil, coal and natural gas as sources of energy to power their economies. Fossil fuels are non-renewable forms of energymeaning, they utilize limited resources that will ultimately deplete, hence, driving up overall energy costs.

These very countries have responded to the threat by stepping up campaigns to embrace renewable forms of energy like solar and wind. This is why the question can only be begged: While there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to switching to renewable energy, it is quite arguable that the benefits of using such sources outweigh the shortcomings of it, especially in the future.

The benefits of renewable energy sources are breathtaking, and while we may not quite be in a position to fully switch over to renewable energy sources just quite yet requiring a balance of renewable energy and other sources for nowit is imperative that we look ahead to the future.

The most widespread sources of energy include: This takes advantage of wind motion to generate electricity.

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Wind motion is brought about by the heat from the sun, and rotation of the earth, mainly via the Coriolis Effect. Utilizes moving water to produce electricity. Moving water creates high energy that can be harnessed and turned into power.

The various reasons why the use of renewable energy can benefit our society

Together with snow and rain, sunlight is essential for plant growth. Organic matter that constitutes plants is referred to as biomass, which can be utilized to generate electricitychemicals or fuels to power vehicles.

Takes advantage of rising and falling of tides to generate electricity Geothermal: Leverages heat from underneath the earth to generate electricity. Renewable energy technology is a term used to refer to hybrid technology or other forms of technology that store up energy created or produced by renewable sourcesare able to anticipate renewable energy supply and helps to deliver energy produced by renewable energy technologies to the final consumer.

Renewable energy technologies include wind powersolar powerhydroelectricitybiomass energyand biofuelswhich are chiefly used for transportation.

While advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy exist, the advantages to using renewable forms of energy far outweigh the disadvantages, more so moving to the future. Advantages of Renewable Energy Renewable energy is eco-friendly It is a clean source of energy, meaning, it has low or zero carbon and greenhouse emission.

Fossil fuels emit high levels of greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide, which are greatly responsible for global warming, climate change, and degradation of air quality.

Fossil fuels also contribute to sulfur emission to the atmosphere leading to acid rains. Acid rains can cause damage to buildings. Solar and wind power are considered eco-friendly because they emit zero toxic gases to the environment.

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The use of renewable energy dramatically reduces the dependence on fossil fuel as a source of energy, hence, cutting back on air pollution. Sources of energy like fossil fuels oil, gas, and coal are considered limited resources and there is strong possibility that they will run out in the future.

Renewable energy can help developing countries from over-reliance on fossil fuels. Powerful winds, heat emanating from beneath the earth, sunshine and moving water can guarantee a huge and steady energy supply to a nation for many years.

The various reasons why the use of renewable energy can benefit our society

Renewable energy is a reliable source of energy In the previous few decades, the use of fossil fuel has sharply increased. This over-reliance on fossil fuels has led to our security being threatened.

Fossils fuels are prone to trade disputes, political instabilities, spike in energy prices and unnecessary wars. Although most argue that solar and wind energy are unreliable, a solid infrastructure puts this argument to rest.Successful financing of innovation in renewable energy (RE) requires a better understanding of the relationship between different types of finance and their willingness to invest in RE.

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Although renewable facilities require upfront investments to build, they can then operate at very low cost (for most clean energy technologies, the “fuel” is free). As a result, renewable energy prices can be very stable over time.

Moreover, the costs of renewable energy technologies have declined steadily, and are projected to drop even more. Jul 25,  · Solar energy refers to technologies that convert the sun's heat or light to another form of energy for use.

Solar. Definition. Solar energy is the most abundant, renewable energy source in the world. Solar energy systems refer to technologies that convert the sun's heat or light to another form of energy for use US.

Department of Energy. TJ Burdick is the lead author of One Body, Many Blogs, Advice for Christian Bloggers. He is also a school teacher by trade, a lay Catholic by grace and a husband and father of three by vocation. Renewable energy is a critical part of reducing global carbon emissions and the pace of investment has greatly increased as the cost of technologies fall and efficiency continues to rise.

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