Write a song about the vietnam war

Twentieth Century The Vietnam War had a soundtrack unlike any other. It fed into a myriad of social changes and upheavals that motivated artistic expression. Music was integral to the experience of Vietnam for soldiers and citizens, and certain songs had associations with the conflict that endure to this day.

Write a song about the vietnam war

Take World War II, for example. There is Catch, and Slaughterhouse Five, and these are classics to be sure. Beyond that, on the fiction front, we quickly traipse into forgettable territory. The best histories of that war came from the next generation of participants. Now, go back to the Civil War, which may rank as the least exploited war for literature.

Well, it took Stephen Crane who was born after the Civil War ended to write the best novel on that conflict. Nor would you want to.

But Vietnam, ah, Vietnam.

5 Best Books on the Vietnam War | Quintessential Collection Vietnam

I have not read all of the major volumes to emerge, and some will take exception to the authority of my list below, but I have read enough of the good stuff, and feel pretty strongly about these books.

Dispatches By Michael Herr Not only one of the best books about the Vietnam war, but one of the best non-fiction books written by an American. Herr commands one of the great voices in American literature, and is so overwhelming, so powerful, that he can, like Hemingway, wreak havoc on the style of would-be writers who would fall under his spell.

But enough about me. In Dispatches, he was writing, as Hemingway once said of himself at his best, better than he could.

Herr spent a year in-country, following the grunts around and wrote sentences that blaze out of the Sixties like illumination rounds. And no one will ever write a better book about Vietnam than Herr.

They both did other stuff, but each of them dedicated so much to their respective monuments, they were spent at the finish -- for all time. Would be great, of course, if either of these guys, proved me wrong. High in when upper classmen carried this one to and from class.

write a song about the vietnam war

Caputo and his peers marched into the rice paddies with all of the high ideals prevalent in pre-Vietnam America, and dragged himself back out with his convictions in tatters. This collection of stories follows a cast of characters in an army infantry platoon, making its way through the thick of the war in the central part of Vietnam.

Twenty-five years after first reading this one, I can still hear Rat Kiley turning up the heat on the truth so that his fellow soldiers can feel the experience as intensely as he did. She found out about the Vietnamese what we wished all our decision-makers had found out, and she shares all of it in a book whose pages are luminous with insight and regret.The.

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Vietnam. War. Jukebox. The "Rock 'n Roll" War. Here is a list of the most popular songs played during Caspers Tour of Duty between - Last Flight, , Fictional story about a son who lost his dad in Vietnam, by Dale Archer, USMC.

10 Songs That Embody the Vietnam War Era. “10 Classic Songs from the World War II Era,” “10 More World War II-Era Classic Songs,” "10 Songs of the Korean War Era." And please leave.

The News Media’s Coverage of the Vietnam War

The thing about Vietnam was that it wasn’t like World War II, and it wasn’t like Korea, and it wasn’t like the Gulf War. It was a real nasty war, and people didn’t like it.

People objected, and people didn’t want to fight it (Gimme Shelter is) a kind of end-of-the-world song. Consider at least four songs associated with the Vietnam War Protest Movement and discuss the qualities and conditions that contribute to its success and effectiveness as a song of social protest.

The 20th Century was a significant era . 10 Songs That Embody the Vietnam War Era. “10 Classic Songs from the World War II Era,” “10 More World War II-Era Classic Songs,” "10 Songs of the Korean War Era." And please leave.

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